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Solver CPM Software

Corporate performance management: Transform your reporting and planning.
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Corporate performance management to accelerate and inform decision making


Insights & Automation services driven by industry experience and process knowledge


Business Technology Solutions leveraging partnerships to propel efficiency and competitive advantage

Streamline and enhance your reporting and planning with a simple solution.

Financial professionals in growth-focused organizations want to deliver data-driven insights and improve operational performance. Solver corporate performance management (CPM) software can help organizations grow by enabling faster, irrefutable decision making. Solver CPM software provides intuitive, robust reporting and planning tools to streamline and automate reporting processes. In addition, Solver can create a unified database for business intelligence.

By leveraging business CPM software, you can transform your reporting and planning and help your organization become more agile in a changing business landscape.

Forvis Mazars is an award-winning partner of Solver Global. We listen to understand and consult with purpose—that’s our Unmatched Client Experience®. Our tailored approach to technology consulting can help you turn business challenges into opportunities.

Why Choose Solver

Solver can provide key insights across the organization, leading to faster decisions and improved business outcomes.

By collecting key information from some or all of an organization’s transaction systems into Solver’s pre-built, user-friendly Data Warehouse, you achieve “one version of the truth” and data becomes easily accessible for reporting, planning, and dashboards.

Solver’s reporting and planning modules offer a powerful, cloud-connected Excel add-in as the template design experience. Templates automatically can become web-based reports and forms, so users only need a web browser to run reports or enter budgets. Data Warehouse security is based on the Microsoft SQL Server platform, making access secure and user-friendly.

Executives, managers, and end users all can benefit from Solver’s functionality to help them consolidate data, enhance reporting, forecast what’s on the horizon, and make faster informed decisions.

How Forvis Mazars Can Help

We can help you implement Solver CPM software and provide training for efficient reporting, data management and analysis, and forecasting.

Our team of technology consultants has certified experience with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management systems that integrate with Solver. We can help you consolidate data from your ERP system and other key sources so you can provide meaningful insights to your leadership teams.

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