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Retirement Plan Consulting

Prioritize your employees with a future-ready retirement plan.
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Help secure a bright future for your employees.

Creating the right retirement plan for your employees can be complex. But it’s crucial to attracting and retaining top talent as you build a successful business.

The Retirement Plan Consulting group of Forvis Mazars Private Client™ helps you navigate the details of your corporate retirement plan to avoid common pitfalls, fulfill your fiduciary and ERISA responsibilities, and get the most value from your plan.

Unlike many wealth advisory firms, we offer both plan design and compliance and investment consulting under one roof, helping to streamline your retirement plan needs.

We use a consultive approach tailored to your unique goals to assess, design, and guide your retirement plan, whether it’s a:

  • 401(k)
  • Defined Contribution Plan
  • Profit-Sharing Plan
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

Our Unmatched Client Experience® means we nurture meaningful connections and act with your best interests in mind. It’s what sets us apart—and it’s how we help you move with momentum.

* According to CEFEX website as of 10/25/2023.

** Our RPC Assets under advisement are not directly managed by us but we provide advisory and consulting services with respect to those assets.

How Our Team Can Help

Plan Design and Compliance

Your business thrives when employees receive a robust, compliant retirement plan. It’s one of the most important pieces of your talent attraction and retention strategy.

Our retirement plan consulting group stays on top of complex regulations to help you avoid costly errors and non-compliance risks.

Our certified public accountants, certified professional coders, and qualified 401(k) administrators—most of whom have been in this specialized field for 20+ years—are fueled by a desire to help you increase your retirement plan's potential.

We take the guesswork out of IRS and Department of Labor guidelines, with timely filings and updates managed by our team of certified professionals. Our services include:

  • Detailed plan design to match your business needs
  • Regulatory compliance assurance
  • Timely filings to avoid penalties
  • Analysis of all fees and expenses, keeping them in line with ERISA guidelines

Investment Consulting

Through our unbiased analysis of your investment performance and costs, we can help your employees create a diversified portfolio with competitive expenses.

We offer employee educational sessions to help your workforce understand the value these benefits provide their future financial stability.

The Retirement Plan Consulting group provides:

  • Transparent review of investment performance and costs
  • Tailored investment offerings in line with industry best practices
  • Mutual fund analysis using specialized tools
  • Employee educational sessions to increase employee participation and confidence

Our Retirement Plan Philosophy

Reducing Investment Complexity Can Help Improve Results
  • Offer simple and streamlined investment lineups. Giving people fewer options often leads to better decisions, according to academic research.
  • Avoid offering too many 401(k) investment options to mitigate confusion, reduce performance chasing, and prevent a false assurance of diversification.
Focus on the Fundamentals
  • Emphasize the importance of asset allocation and diversification for long-term results
  • Guide participants toward better decisions by offering broadly diversified investment options
  • Encourage plan participants to invest in professionally managed investment solutions such as target date retirement funds
Investment Costs Matter
  • Understand that higher-cost investments may not equate to better results
  • Know that the effect of high investment costs can be significant in the long term
  • Provide participants with access to investment options with lower costs, regardless of management style (active or passive)

Retirement Plan Diagnostic

We believe that many corporate retirement plans are overcharged and under-serviced. We can help you build financial security with our retirement plan diagnostic.

We'll work to uncover hidden opportunities for improvement, helping provide actionable insights and appreciable value.

file folder with magnifying glassReview

Review of your company’s goals and objectives


Evaluation of current plan design against goals

basket with dollar signUnderstanding

Understanding the true costs of the plan



Benchmarking of investment performance and fees

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Education about fiduciary liability of plan sponsor

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