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Get trusted valuations to help your business move forward with confidence.
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Clients include public companies, private equity-owned companies, family-owned companies, and other privately held entrepreneurial organizations


Low partner-to-staff ratio


Physically located in over 15 offices across the U.S., serving domestic and international clients

Responsive Valuation That Saves You Precious Time

In today’s complex environment, an accurate valuation can make the difference for your business. Make the best use of your time by selecting a valuation team you can trust. Forvis Mazars provides independent, technically sound valuations tailored to your needs. We bring the depth of knowledge, education, and experience needed to assess the value of your enterprise, helping to meet regulators’, investors’, and your audit firm’s expectations. As a top 10 accounting firm with global reach, our wide range of services helps you where and when you need us. Our low partner-to-staff ratio means you’ll work alongside our top leaders in the field at Forvis Mazars.

Global audit firms, regulators, and tax authorities regularly review our valuations. Our valuation consultants regularly serve as expert witnesses and testify on valuation-related matters in a broad scope of disputes and venues. Our valuation consultants stay on top of trends and apply them in ways that meet requirements and benefit you.

Forvis Mazars’ Unmatched Client Experience® means you get more than just top-quality service. Our hands-on valuation consultants respond to your needs, helping you see the big picture.

How Forvis Mazars Can Help

Litigation Valuation

You need valuations that can withstand scrutiny and experts that know how to support an opinion under vigorous cross-examination and rebuttal testimony.

Forvis Mazars’ valuation experience is a powerful ally. Our expansive team of professionals can assist you with objective and soundly supported valuations in various matters, such as ownership disputes with dissent or oppression claims, diminution of value claims in commercial litigation, divorce matters, and more. Our expert witnesses have testified on valuation-related matters in federal, state, and arbitration venues across the United States.

Estate Planning

Valuations play a critical role helping reduce your potential tax liabilities. Planning for the future is critical to helping manage these risks and increase generational wealth.

Our valuation professionals deliver efficient and qualified valuations of businesses, intangible assets, real estate, and other assets to give you peace of mind. These valuations are conducted in tandem with our clients’ tax, wealth, and legal advisors to provide a holistic approach to managing the estate plans and the assets of high-net-worth individuals, estates, and family offices.

We listen to understand your complex financial challenges and goals so we can tailor services to your context. We help you move forward with the confidence that your valuation is accurate, defensible, and in line with regulatory guidelines.

Corporate Valuation

Whether it's moving assets across the globe, staying in compliance with local tax regulations, or planning for business succession, valuation is crucial to your plans. We know how important it is to get it right.

Both private and public companies need critical valuation advice on complicated issues to meet the requirements of global audit firms and regulators. Forvis Mazars’ extensive knowledge of accounting and tax regulations provides our clients with confidence in their fair value estimations. Our client base includes both domestic and international clients with cross-border operations.

Our valuation professionals support Forvis Mazars’ audit professionals in the assessment of our clients’ fair value estimates, which provides our professionals with a deep understanding of financial reporting fair value requirements.

Succession planning for your organization is critical to the long-term success of your business. Whether for sale, management buyout, or a sale to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), we have the experience to assist you in your planning.

We constantly study the industry to find innovative strategies to complicated issues and stay up to date on the recent trends in valuation. Our services can assist your business across a wide range of local and international compliance scenarios. Wherever you take your business, Forvis Mazars is there to help.

Institutional Investor Valuation

The investment world is full of complex valuation challenges. Forvis Mazars’ dedicated professionals have the knowledge and experience to help your hedge fund or private equity firm navigate complex situations.

From net asset value (NAV) reporting to distressed debt, we dive deep to assess your illiquid assets. Our experts ask the right questions, saving you time and resources with efficient solutions.

Real Estate Valuation

Our tailored experience allows us to serve a broad scope of enterprises, funds, and holding entities that conduct business and invest across the real estate and construction industry.

We span many types of properties, including multifamily, office, retail, industrial, lodging and hospitality, and land, as well as special-use properties such as medical/healthcare, life sciences, senior living and retirement facilities, dealerships, golf courses and marinas, self-storage, student housing, and low-income housing. We also have experience with leases and leaseholds, partial interests, and debt and equity positions.

Our extensive knowledge helps deliver impact in a multitude of sectors, including general and specialty construction, property development and management, asset and portfolio management, real estate brokerage and syndication, and more.

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