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The Reporting Solution

Financial Report Preparation & Support for Public Sector Entities
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Streamline Your Financial Report Process

As part of fulfilling their compliance requirements, governmental entities prepare audited financial documents, including Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports (ACFR) or Annual Financial Reports. This process is often time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone. The Reporting Solution (TRS) can help!

Our web-based platform helps you dynamically build ACFRs in real time. TRS features database-linked financials and a collaborative document editor that allows multiple users to work in the platform simultaneously—helping streamline and simplify your annual reporting process.

Unlike traditional tools like Excel and Word that require you to stitch together various document types, manage versions, and share files back and forth, TRS users can potentially save significant time preparing the ACFR.

We’ve built this innovative platform on our extensive knowledge and experience from serving over 600 public sector clients. Now, you can leverage the same system we use to prepare financial reports for our clients! Ready to experience how TRS can help simplify your annual reporting process?

Improve Report Accuracy & Consistency

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Our platform allows you to maintain your data, adjustments, and financial groupings in one location. When you make changes to your financial statement data or upload a new trial balance, DataLinks automatically update throughout your spreadsheets and narrative sections.

In addition, TRS helps increase transparency, providing line-item details and allowing you to see your data, adjustments, and groupings. Share this data with your auditors to help streamline your audit process.

Getting Started Quickly

The Reporting Solution comes with our Unmatched Client Experience®. During your guided implementation and annual service, our professionals will:

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  • Replicate 90% of the prior-year Annual Report
  • Provide training for all users and extensive support for a successful first live year
  • Upload the trial balance and format the financial statements
  • Provide support, maintenance, upgrades, and backups
  • Accommodate applicable GASB pronouncements
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