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Simplify Medicare reporting with our cost report preparation software.
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Built by healthcare finance professionals, for healthcare finance professionals.

Reduce the friction and streamline the process of preparing Medicare cost reports with the help of HFS+. Developed in a joint venture with Health Financial Systems (HFS), HFS+ offers an intuitive way to help prepare cost report workpapers and transfer the data into HFS with a push of a button.

With HFS+, you’ll tap into the strengths of two leading firms in the industry: Forvis Mazars and HFS. 

  • Forvis Mazars prepares over 2,100 cost reports each year, making us one of the largest providers of cost reports for healthcare organizations in the U.S. We're equipped with the experience you can trust.
  • Over the last 35 years, HFS’ software has become the industry standard for cost reports. 

Together, we created a software that:

  • Helps to increase efficiency of the preparation process that aids in your team’s overall productivity
  • Helps alleviate concerns associated with reduced cost report personnel and resources
  • Helps diminish startup time and data recollection from prior years
  • Provides a tailored implementation plan specific to your unique organization
  • Provides continuous support throughout the year

Benefits of HFS+

Streamline Preparation

Import and edit data from external sources and create concise workpapers that support your cost report.

Increase Review Efficiencies

Make your cost report review process more efficient with a variety of review features, including:

  • Strategic color coding of new departments
  • Data that syncs directly with HFS and highlighted input errors
  • Workpaper review notes
  • Sign-off functionality
  • Settlement summary reports

The automatic sync functionality of workpaper data to HFS also limits the need for time-consuming review for input errors.

Improve File Sharing

Easily share cost report workpapers among preparers and reviewers and efficiently export to HFS.

Organize & Control Access

Maintain information security and address the varying needs of large, complex organizations.

A higher level of control has been built in to help primary users dictate the appropriate access for others across their organization and externally.

Smart Start From Prior Year & Workpaper Tree

Reduce start-up time by starting from the prior year's MCRx input data, including:

  • Previously developed cost centers
  • Live tracking and documentation knowledge transfer
  • Other customized options

Let’s Get Started

Connect to experienced guidance.

Interested in learning more about the timing and release of HFS+?

HFS+ will be made available to select hospitals and health systems. Contact us today to get on a list so you can be one of the first to get updates on release and other important updates delivered straight to your inbox.
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