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Clari³ty® Solutions

This tool combines an interactive analytics platform with insightful analysis to identify challenges in your ability to drive change and help you make better data-driven decisions through evidence-based and validated diagnostics.
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Taking the Guesswork out of Change

Research shows rising change in almost every industry—constantly challenging leaders and an evolving workforce. While organizations spend billions of dollars on strategies, initiatives, and projects designed to improve or grow their businesses, most of these initiatives fail to meet expectations—but why? The answer is biology. Our brains do not process change any quicker than they could decades ago. Despite how evolved we think we may be, when there’s a heavy volume of change, and we don’t have sufficient support to lean on, we get stuck.

Regardless of industry, the ability of groups, teams, and individuals to adapt and change their behaviors is critical to successfully implementing strategies and initiatives to keep organizations moving forward and ahead of their competition.

Forvis Mazars' Clari³ty® is a suite of services that include three distinct offerings that can be implemented standalone or in combination with each other. Clari³ty leverages today's latest research to challenge conventional thought and look beyond the surface to provide leaders and managers with the evidence-based perspectives required to enable a truly fact-based approach to change.

Forvis Mazars played a significant role in our approach to culture change—the insights that their Clari³ty services provided accelerated our ability to make a positive impact on workforce development and was a game-changer in helping our organization inform our decisions and achieve our objectives!”
– President & CEO, Regional Nonprofit Healthcare System

When You Need Clari3ty

Bold strategic plans, focused performance improvement programs, or enterprise wide technology implementations all require organizations to drive strategies inclusive of operational and behavioral change. Clari3ty provides leaders with a clearer picture of the multifaceted needs of their people to help reduce change resistance and propel those strategies forward.

Not convinced? Any type of organizational or initiative-driven change will require leaders to be attuned to the needs of their employees. Otherwise, they risk failed strategic launch, disengaged employees, and wasted time or money. If you can’t answer yes to all three of these questions, then you need Clari3ty.

  • Do your employees feel heard and respected? WATCH VIDEO
  • Are you measuring for more than just engagement levels? WATCH VIDEO
  • Do you know the underlying causes of burnout in your organization? WATCH VIDEO

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Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement initiatives are the energy behind the margin improvement today's environment requires. Success with any of these initiatives requires people to modify their mindset and change their behavior. Clari³ty provides leaders with a change readiness perspective and the tactical management vision required to drive Performance Improvement initiatives.

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Technology System Implementations

System upgrades and implementations are expensive—and achieving success requires users to modify their behaviors to use new or improved systems as designed. Clari³ty provides leaders with perspective into their people's change readiness and adoption needs, beyond basic training suggestions.


Post-Merger Integration

Mergers and acquisitions drive significant change, even with basic integration activities. Clari³ty identifies challenges to morale, motivation, and productivity that may delay success and further determines the mindset that will support effective integration.

Clari³ty has been invaluable to our organization—the Intelligence and Impact solutions enabled us to make data-driven decisions through revealing underlying workforce challenges and frustrations which helped us shape how we responded to our people.”
– CEO, Federally Qualified Community Health Center

What We Do

Clari3ty Suite of Services

Change is hard. In today's environment, the stakes are too high for organizations to make assumptions regarding what people may need to thrive within change. When individuals struggle with change, precious resources are lost—including time and money.

Applying evidence-based behavioral research and validated diagnostic surveys, Clari³ty offerings combine an interactive analytics platform and insightful analysis for leaders to drive success through change. Clari³ty provides answers—informed by the voices of the people within the organization—grounded in science.

Clari³ty digs deep into the root causes of change resistance. Through interactive dashboards, individual change response briefs, and group development opportunities, Clari³ty provides leaders and organizations with a clear perspective to help them reduce the risk of failure.

INTELLIGENCE – Diagnosis & Visualization

Three primary elements impact organizational change readiness: Agility, burnout, and confidence. The INTELLIGENCE component of Clari3ty uncovers the challenges inhibiting an organization's ability to effectively drive change—from an unbiased, direct perspective of those within the organization.

INTELLIGENCE assesses an organization's change readiness using a survey diagnostic that has been applied across three continents and effectively deployed over 30,000 times. Using the results of the survey diagnostic, our consulting team evaluates change readiness across all demographics and aspects of the organization, including location, department, and job type to identify the root causes behind agility challenges, burnout, and confidence levels.

Leaders have access to an intuitive dashboard that showcases collected INTELLIGENCE data, allowing the leadership team to drive accountability across the organization. Cutting-edge visualization tools and artificial intelligence assess responses to provide diagnostic results via the MY Forvis Mazars portal.

Available for 12 months post-deployment, the INTELLIGENCE dashboard provides leaders with a perspective to inform strategic choices and improve change readiness. The visibility created by the dashboard enables leaders and management to hold their teams accountable—a key step in taking the guesswork out of change.

Watch this video to see the INTELLIGENCE dashboard in action.

INSIGHT – Change Response Styles

A change response style describes how a person connects to and relates to others during times of change and transition. Each unique style contains attributes that either help or hinder change adoption. When attributes are identified, individuals (and their teams) can often navigate change in a healthier and more constructive manner. Based on the latest global research, we’ve developed a set of six change response styles.

Explore the Six Change Response Styles

In less than 10 minutes, the INSIGHT survey diagnostic of Clari3ty can identify an individual’s change response style and provide visibility into an individual’s:

  • Change Superpowers – what are your clear strengths when faced with change?
  • Change Challenges – what’s holding you back in managing change?
  • Change Leadership Tips – how do you manage your style when leading?

Are you curious about your change response style, better knowing yourself, and improving how you lead a group of any size?

For the individual, knowing and managing your change response style can help you control your response to change—while respecting how other individuals or groups perceive you.

Understanding and leveraging the unique blend of multiple change response styles for the organization can help you manage group change effectiveness, drive your ROI, and support your strategic priorities while enhancing organizational culture. Curious about that blend within your team, group, or organization, and how it might assist you in achieving your goals?

IMPACT – Change Leadership Workshop

Change fatigue, burnout, and workforce frustration dramatically impact business performance and are increasingly difficult to manage—regardless of the industry or sector. When the business environment demands bold strategies and transformation in combination with changing workforce composition, leaders can be left with more questions than answers when it comes to effectively managing through change.

The IMPACT component of Clari3ty is a development offering designed for human resource, finance, and operational leaders who seek to:

  • Better understand why activating teams to do something different can be so tricky
  • Learn how to diagnose the causes behind resistance, burnout, and change fatigue that profoundly impact their workforce
  • Use those skills to identify action steps needed to align how their people process change with vital business strategies

IMPACT is an immersive, multi-day professional development experience. Led by our Professor-in-Residence and senior consulting team members for instructor-led learning, group exercises, and case study review, IMPACT will help attendees transform their perspectives on managing change. 

IMPACT is available in two formats:

  • Single-client/On-site – Up to sixteen participants from a single organization are engaged in the workshop. This group format enables organizations to immerse themselves in IMPACT—accelerating its influence on the organization’s culture and overall change agility. 
  • Multi-client/Off-site – Multiple organizations send two to three participants for a group workshop (totaling 20-30 participants), allowing attendees to share and compare their experiences with others outside their organization—and potentially across industries. 

IMPACT leaves attendees with a deeper understanding of the causes of change resistance, the ability to diagnose those causes within their organization, and actionable takeaways to address and enhance their ability to take the guesswork out of change.