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Transaction Advisory

Whether buying or selling a business, gain valuable insight before committing your capital, energy, and reputation.
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Middle market experience


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At Forvis Mazars, our dedicated transaction advisory professionals have completed due diligence engagements on billions of dollars in transactions across a wide range of industries. That means we can help identify the opportunities and challenges you could encounter in your transaction and provide meaningful insights. Whether you’re a private equity group or a corporation, our due diligence can help you better execute the deal.

Regardless of size or location, we can help you understand a company’s strengths, weaknesses, potential risk areas, and improvement opportunities to assist in your transaction decision and post-transaction wrap up. If your transaction crosses international borders, Forvis Mazars has a global reach as part of Praxity, AISBL. Domestically, our 20+ years’ combined experience and industry intelligence are designed for impact when it comes to completing transactions in the middle market. Our accessibility, responsiveness, and access to national resources are key pillars in our tailored service approach.

How Forvis Mazars Can Help

Buy-Side Financial Due Diligence

When evaluating an acquisition, you need a team of professionals that understands the complexities of your pending transaction and has the experience that allows for a consultative, rather than a cookie-cutter, approach. Forvis Mazars offers buy-side due diligence that is flexible and tailored to your specific needs. We will work with you to help determine the appropriate scope of work designed to your thesis of the company’s value drivers. Typical areas of focus include:

  • Understanding company background & value drivers
  • Assessing the quality of earnings & cash flow
  • Analyzing company historical performance
  • Analyzing financial projections
  • Understanding net working capital
  • Analyzing balance sheet movements & quality

Sell-Side Due Diligence

If you’re selling a business, or even a piece of it, you need to anticipate the risks and issues that will arise from the buyer’s perspective. Being prepared is the key to capturing the full strategic value of a sale. Our transaction services team can assist you in all phases of a divestiture. We offer insight to help prevent surprises from occurring later in the sales process and present information that’s clear, credible, and accurate.

Our sell-side due diligence services are:

  • Flexible & tailored to your needs
  • Focused on areas commonly addressed in buy-side diligence
  • Complementary to your investment banker & auditors

Tax Due Diligence & Transaction Structuring

When contemplating a transaction, tax considerations should be paramount. The transaction team at Forvis Mazars has experience helping buyers and sellers navigate potential tax compliance exposures and design a favorable transaction structure.

Our transaction tax team is frequently integrated into buy- and sell-side due diligence engagements and typical areas of focus include:

  • Performing federal, state, and local; sales and use; and international tax due diligence to assess where successor tax liability risks could apply
  • Reading and analyzing transaction structures to make recommendations on favorable post-closing organizational tax structures
  • Modeling corporate, limited liability company, and partnership deal consequences

IT Due Diligence

When considering an acquisition, it's crucial to have a team of practitioners who grasp the intricacies of your impending deal. Our professionals possess the experience, knowledge, and skills to provide a consultative approach that is adaptable and customized to meet your unique requirements. We have experience in IT due diligence that is based on your thesis of the company's value drivers. We collaborate with you to determine the most suitable scope of work.

Typical focus includes procedures aimed at identifying and quantifying the following three areas:

  • One-time expenditures that may be required to remediate significant deficiencies or upgrades to the IT systems
  • The difference in required IT spending (up or down) compared with current levels
  • Significant business risks being driven by the IT function

Private Equity Value Creation

Private equity investors are constantly challenged to generate significant returns in their current portfolios while continuing to identify and execute future transactions. Our Private Equity Value Creation offering is a one-stop shop for all of your interim CFO, performance improvement, merger integration, ERP support, and other consulting needs—helping you drive value in your portfolio at any stage post transaction.

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Post-Transaction Services

A transaction does not end with the signing of the sale and purchase agreement. Forvis Mazars transaction advisory professionals provide an array of offerings to help our clients navigate the complex issues that arise following the transaction closing. Forvis Mazars strives to continue the relationship by providing assurance, tax, valuation, and other consulting services after the deal closes.

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