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Enterprise Risk & Quantitative Consulting

Our team of dedicated Enterprise Risk & Quantitative Consulting professionals is ready to help you proactively balance risk and opportunity in today’s interconnected and continuously evolving business environment.
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Risk is inherent within business and mastering risk management is crucial for success.

World-class companies focus on understanding and managing risk. They make informed decisions about risks they want to take—and the ones they don’t. Risk frameworks, data, modeling, analytics, and technology are at the core of unlocking value for enterprise risk management. Forvis Mazars’ Enterprise Risk & Quantitative Consulting practice specializes in designing and implementing these components while enabling all stakeholders within the risk management process to understand and own their respective roles.

How Forvis Mazars Can Help

Risk Management & Controls

Establishing foundational risk management components provides line of sight into where controls are needed throughout business activities. Forvis Mazars’ enterprise risk methodology creates a consistent yet dynamic approach across risk types and allows for aggregation of risks to create a holistic view of the risk landscape.

The Forvis Mazars Risk Management & Controls team collaborates with our clients in the design, development, and refinement of core risk management components:

Risk Framework: Establish risk frameworks (e.g., enterprise, operational, financial, third-party) that enable a clear view of the client’s overall risk level with established processes for continuous measurement and monitoring of exposures

Governance: Design and implement valuable governance tools throughout our client’s organization to help promulgate effective governance, and to foster an intelligent risk organization

Risk Appetite: Develop and measure risk appetite to drive strategic success and proactive actions

Risk Identification: Facilitate identification and evaluation of critical risks and develop controls and risk mitigating strategies

Risk Taxonomy: Develop, implement, and integrate risk taxonomies and methodologies to help enable effective risk management

Risk Culture: Evaluate and foster risk culture to promote meaningful interaction and engagement that delivers an effective risk culture

Quantitative Solutions

The use of models and other analytical tools are being deployed by institutions at an increasing frequency with new modeling techniques designed to meet business objectives and regulatory requirements. Sound model risk management and model validation programs can help reduce the risks and improve the use and governance of the models. The Quantitative Solutions practice provides model development, model implementation, model validation, risk management, and model operations services across industries.

Model Development: Employ a comprehensive development standard to guide development activities across an array of model types

Model Implementation: Provide model and tool implementations across platforms and functions

Model Risk Management: Design and implement strong risk management framework including governance, controls, policies, procedures, inventory management, ongoing monitoring, and model risk reporting

Model Validation: Perform independent model validations for institutions through an effective challenge of the model, model developers, model users, and key stakeholders

Model Operations: Combine practices and tools to increase the ability to deliver and execute models faster than traditional processes throughout the model lifecycle

Data Management

Forvis Mazars’ Data Management team helps organizations in all aspects of data management, regardless of where they are in their data journey. Whether it is managing specific data risks, improving data quality and reporting capabilities, implementing industry leading practices, or enabling compliance with regulatory requirements, our team is here to help.

Data Program and Strategy: Embed and implement data management capabilities into organizations by structuring data programs around key workstreams and strategic initiatives tailored to specific business objectives and goals

Data Lifecycle Management: Guiding organizations along all stages of the data lifecycle from data origination through lineage and reporting, Forvis Mazars provides comprehensive solutions to meet your data testing and lineage needs.

Data Governance and Policies: Help organizations develop and implement data policies and standards, assign data management roles, and establish a data management operating model to ensure effective data governance practices exist within the organization

Data Quality and Controls: Develop, implement, and manage data quality to support enterprise business objectives, enable risk management priorities, and meet regulatory expectations

Data Architecture and Analytics: Assess existing data infrastructure against process and reporting requirements to identify gaps and design target state solutions to help create efficiencies within the information management ecosystem

Risk Analytics & Reporting

It’s critical for organizational success to understand, analyze, and report risk data to respond in a timely, proactive and meaningful manner to achieve your strategic objectives. Our Forvis Mazars team collaborates with clients to tell their stories through data visualization while providing powerful context to their end users.

Through insightful risk analytics presented in intelligent reporting frameworks, we help empower our clients to make actionable and timely decisions:

Risk Metrics Development: Identify metrics that are important to an organization through a deep understanding of key risks and objectives to provide the right information for agile decision-making

Risk Data Aggregation: Streamline structured and unstructured risk data capture and reporting to develop a unified, connected, and timely view of risk information, including Key Risk Indicators and Key Performance Indicators, to help provide advanced and actionable insights

Risk Visualization and Analysis: Create powerful storytelling and understanding of risk data through visualization and dashboarding

Risk Architecture & Technology

A risk management program needs the infrastructure to keep it functioning effectively and at a speed that serves its stakeholders. Our advisors bring functional and technical expertise to help companies improve and implement their risk technology infrastructure.

Risk Technology Enablement: Evaluate and integrate the right technologies to drive automation, efficiency, and deliver end-to-end integration of risk management processes and communication

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Platform Implementation: Identify, align, and implement GRC platforms including development of stakeholder interaction models, target state assessment, project planning, and full scope implementation support

ESG & Climate Risk

The formula for success and resilience has changed – and supporting our clients in how they respond to this new equation is our focus at Forvis Mazars. Our offerings are designed to help clients achieve their goals in the backdrop of this new ESG landscape and contribute to the betterment of the world for generations to come. Our team of experienced ESG & Climate Risk professionals offer subject matter insights and support to organizations whether they are just starting their ESG program or are looking to optimize mature programs through technology enablement and innovation.

  • ESG Strategy and Governance
  • Climate Risk Management
  • ESG Centric Consulting
  • Sustainable Performance Improvement
  • Corporate Data and Reporting

ESG and Climate Risk

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