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Lender Services

Providing collateral due diligence to banks and asset-based lenders
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Helping lenders reduce risk and increase ROI

We work with lenders at every step of the process—from initial consideration and in-depth evaluation to eventual decision making. By leveraging clear, consistent, and compliant assessment practices, we help lenders pinpoint potential risks and consider transaction options against their potential for return. With a focus on both short-term action and long-term strategy, we provide lenders with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions today and tomorrow. 

What sets us apart? Our teams have the global market experience lenders need to navigate large-scale, international transaction options. This experience is complemented by our in-depth local knowledge that understands transaction opportunity and risk in context.

Our engagements encompass companies with credit facilities ranging from $10 million to more than $1 billion, serving a diverse clientele that includes single-entity operations in the United States to global Fortune 1000 conglomerates.

We offer field exams, process reviews, and other assessments to consider ongoing and prospective transactions and help banks, asset-based lenders, hedge funds, and private equity firms conduct due diligence.

We work on various industries including commercial products, food & beverage, financial services, consumer products, specialty vehicles, commodities (energy, metals, sugar, coffee), and healthcare.

Our services:

  • Portfolio Monitoring
  • Collateral Analyses
  • ABL Field Exams
  • Securitized Transaction Diligence

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