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Home Health Payment Rates

We understand home health payment rates are critical to your business operations; that’s why we’ve made them available to your agency’s service area.

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To qualify for the Medicare home health benefit, a Medicare beneficiary must be under the care of a physician, have an intermittent need for skilled nursing care, need physical or speech therapy, or continue to need occupational therapy. The beneficiary must be homebound and receive home health services from a Medicare-approved home health agency.

Medicare pays home health agencies through a system of prospective payments that pays at higher rates to care for beneficiaries with greater needs. Payment rates are based on relevant data from patient assessments conducted by clinicians.

Home health payment rates are updated annually by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Forvis Mazars understands these rates are critical to your business's operations and has made the rates available for your agency’s service area.

Home Health Payment Rates
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