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Assurance for you, your customers, oversight agencies, lenders, & others.
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From the highest level of assurance to keeping up with the latest changes, Forvis Mazars can help.

Companies across all industries rely on having quality information and a level of confidence when it comes to the financial strength of their organization. Lenders and other stakeholders need to trust the information they receive is of the highest caliber so they can make informed and well-founded financial decisions, which is why assurance services have such a vital role.

Forvis Mazars Assurance delivers extensive experience and skilled professionals to align with your objectives. Our proactive approach includes candid and open communication to address all your financial reporting needs. At the end of the day, we know how important it is for you to be able to trust the numbers; our commitment to independence and objectivity helps provide the security and confidence you desire.

Lease Accounting
Forvis Mazars brings industry best practices and a collaborative approach to supporting management teams in their adoption of FASB ASC 842 and GASB 87.
Learn More About Lease Accounting
LeaseVision is a powerful accounting solution that can help you adopt lease standards with ease. Forvis Mazars' solution pairs artificial intelligence with robust tools, all backed by the decades-long accounting expertise of our Forvis Mazars professionals. Want to learn more about how LeaseVision can help you adopt the new standard or schedule a product demo?
Explore LeaseVision
Attest Services
Forvis Mazars works with you to identify and focus on specific areas of your organization’s reporting needs. Our attest procedures conform to professional standards and we work with clients to design cost-effective solutions.
Audit & Reviews
Whether you are publicly traded or privately held, Forvis Mazars can provide an independent and objective view into your financial reporting. We leverage some of the latest technologies and process automation tools to provide companies assurance on their financial statements in meeting stakeholders' needs.
Compilation & Preparation Assistance
When assurance needs are limited, clients look to Forvis Mazars for compilation or preparation services, rather than a review or an audit. In both services, Forvis Mazars helps management prepare a financial statement, and in neither service is any assurance or opinion provided.
Employee Benefit Plan Services
With the significant investment you make in your employee benefit plan, you understand the importance of closely monitoring your plan’s areas of risk, internal controls and financial statement amounts, and disclosures all while maintaining compliance with regulations. That’s why many plan sponsors are turning to Forvis Mazars for timely insight, innovative services, and depth of plan resources.
Internal Audit Services
Working with both publicly traded and privately held entities, as well as those in highly regulated industries, Forvis Mazars applies a structured approach to help you assess risk and improve your risk management capabilities. Whether you need assistance with a specific risk area, or you want to completely outsource your internal audit function, Forvis Mazars has the expertise to help.
International Audits
Forvis Mazars has extensive experience working with multinational companies, which includes serving as auditor for domestic companies with outbound operations as well as auditing U.S. subsidiaries of companies with inbound investments. We are familiar both with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Standards on Auditing (ISA). Forvis Mazars is a member of PraxityTM, which provides our domestic audit clients with international resources in more than 110 countries.
IT Audits
Many companies underestimate the significance of the risks associated with IT systems and infrastructure. Modern companies that rely on increasingly interconnected systems and technology are highly exposed to IT risk. Outsourcing business processes to achieve cost savings and maintain or protect their data often poses an additional risk; if this data were ever processed incorrectly, compromised, or lost, the damage to the company could be devastating. Our IT Advisory professionals can provide clients the confidence that their data is secure, and their risk level is minimized.
Outsourced Accounting Services
Learn strategies to grow your business, improve accounting operations, and enhance business processes with Forvis Mazars’ Outsourced Accounting Services.
Learn More
SEC Services
Forvis Mazars works with hundreds of publicly traded companies in the delivery of assurance, tax, or advisory services, within the U.S. and globally.
SOC Audits
Whether you're preparing your first System and Organization Controls (SOC) report or concerned your existing report isn't satisfying user needs, Forvis Mazars offers a full suite of SOC examinations, including SOC readiness and SOC for cybersecurity, to help your organization assess the design and operational effectiveness of its controls.
Statutory Financial Audits
While statutory audits are often conducted in order to meet regulatory or industry requirements, their benefits are valuable. Forvis Mazars’ statutory financial audits can facilitate the fulfillment of your statutory obligations in addition to helping you avoid financial challenges by identifying potential risks and procedural weaknesses. Our overall goals as your statutory financial auditor are to assist in your organization's compliance with reporting under specific statutory accounting frameworks.

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