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An ever-changing world presents complex, varied, and evolving challenges. You’re faced with pressing issues at every turn. You don’t need to go it alone.

Consulting at Forvis Mazars—a top integrated professional services firm with diverse teams and locations around the world—delivers a vision for the future of your business and helps you turn it into reality. Whatever your industry or area of need, you’ll connect with a team that brings subject matter experience along with the passion and intelligence to help you propel performance and efficiencies.

We’ll roll up our sleeves and work alongside you throughout the journey, bringing innovative strategies that work hand-in-hand with your technology ecosystems. We prioritize close collaboration and a genuine commitment to putting your needs first. It’s all part of our Unmatched Client Experience®—we listen to understand, respond, and consult with purpose to deliver value—and help drive your business forward.

Featured Consulting FORsights

A male doctor and a woman nurse working together looking over patient documents.
Realizing Value: Forvis Mazars' Healthcare Market Point of View
Read our perspective on the transition to value-based care and the five critical capabilities an organization needs to thrive.
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Managing Risk
Forvis Mazars helps you redefine risk by assessing and leveraging internal risks, external risks, and regulatory risk - transforming them into opportunities for growth.
Businessman looking out of window.
Chief Audit Executive Perspectives: Lessons Learned From the 2023 Bank Failures
Learning how to navigate the regulatory fallout resulting from the recent bank failures has proven to be challenging for many financial institutions. Read more.

How Forvis Mazars Can Help You

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Business Technology Solutions
Digitally transform your organization, from enterprise resource planning (ERP) to customer relationship management (CRM) and more.
Learn More
CFO & Business Consulting
Leverage digital innovation, navigate regulations, and enhance operations with tailored, technology-enabled strategies.
Learn More
Education Services
Easy-to-digest regulatory compliance training programs on complex topics for all-sized financial institutions.
Learn More
Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
We can help you explore the potential benefits of ESOPs and whether they’re a good fit for your organization.
Learn More
Enterprise Risk & Quantitative
Our team of dedicated enterprise risk and quantitative consulting professionals is ready to help you proactively balance risk and opportunity in today’s interconnected and continuously evolving business environment.
Learn More
ESG & Climate Risk
Delivering tailored services that help clients build resilient businesses and contribute to a more sustainable future.
Learn More
Executive Search
Our strategic recruiting is refined based on our insight on finding the right professionals.
Learn More
With a suite of forensic technology capabilities, including proprietary data mining software, we help drive efficiency into your investigations.
Learn More
Grants Management
End-to-end grants management and compliance services that help drive process improvement at every step.
Learn More
Government Contracting
Our tailored Forvis Mazars team brings the industry experience and agility to guide you on your finance, accounting, and compliance matters related to government contracting.
Learn More
Healthcare Consulting
Respond rapidly and confidently to a complicated and ever-changing healthcare landscape with data-driven, technology-enabled solutions that help you make informed decisions to help increase value, quality, and results.
Learn More
Internal Audit & Compliance
Evolving risks occur at an unprecedented pace, forcing internal audit functions to assess the potential impact on the organization’s overall risk profile. Forvis Mazars has the experience needed to guide clients in preparedness and risk mitigation efforts.
Learn More
Investment Banking
Understand trends and learn how to enhance your company’s value in a constantly evolving market landscape.
Learn More
IT Risk & Compliance Services
Protect your cybersecurity protocols, meet the latest regulatory requirements, and keep pace with industry best practices with help from our trusted advisors.
Learn More
Loan Review
Your credit quality is critical to your institution’s health and continued viability. We can assess associated risks to help you achieve your strategic goals.
Learn More
Private Equity Value Creation
Whether it's financial and operational performance improvement services, merger integration and transformation services, or ERP integration and enhancement—our team provides the experience and agility to drive value in your investments.
Learn More
Public Sector Advisory Services
Government entities are under the microscope. We can help navigate the demands of the environment with financial, operational, and risk services tailored to public sector needs.
Learn More
Financial Services Regulatory Compliance
Firms must continue adapting to ever-changing requirements and expectations in today's global regulatory environment.
Learn More
Restructuring & Turnaround
We bring practical services for your recovery, reorganization, and restructuring needs.
Learn More
Retirement Plan Consulting
Provide an effective retirement plan for your employees and meet fiduciary and ERISA responsibilities.
Learn More
SOC & HITRUST Solutions
Users expect assurances in today's outsourced, remote business environment. Go beyond boilerplate reports with SOC, ISO, and HITRUST certifications from Forvis Mazars.
Learn More
Talent Shift
Talent Shift, LLC is a subsidiary of Forvis Mazars, LLP. We offer a global community of highly skilled independent professionals for your top projects.
Learn More
Technology Consulting
CIOs and technology leaders need to provide value to the business, enhance operations, and modernize the technology stack.
Learn More
Transaction Advisory
Transactions of all sizes need guidance to move rapidly through financial, tax, and IT diligence steps to identify key risks throughout the M&A process. Forvis Mazars can help you reach your transaction goals.
Learn More
Count on our industry experience and relevant education to help assess the factors influencing the value of a business enterprise and intangible assets.
Learn More
Value-Added Analytics
Take your data from invisible to invaluable with right-sized analytics strategies.
Learn More
Wealth Management
Our knowledgeable wealth management professionals can tailor plans and services for high-net-worth individuals, families, and corporate retirement.
Learn More

Transformation Tools in Action

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Clari³ty Analytics Platform
This tool combines an interactive analytics platform with insightful analysis, letting clients make better data-driven decisions through evidence-based and validated diagnostics.
A busy sidewalk full of people at sunset.
TaxCred PRO
This cloud-based platform connects you with Forvis Mazars service teams so you can work collaboratively, helping prepare tax credit applications and financial reports more quickly than traditional methods.
Trading Charts on a Display
Program Economic Analysis
This higher education data analysis tool helps you visualize your data and gain insight into which programs are making money and which aren’t, which can result in significant savings.

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