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Empower Profitability With Strategic Loan Pricing
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Is your financial institution relying on intuition to price loans? Are you seeking ways to help grow your loan portfolio in a competitive market? Do you need more visibility into your institution's lending portfolio performance at the lender, branch, product, and customer levels?

LoanPricingPRO can help your financial institution manage and grow your portfolio by factoring in the value of your existing customer relationships and optimizing your proposed loan terms with real-time profitability analysis. LoanPricingPRO's multidimensional reporting allows you to drill down into your lender, product, and customer profitability.

Build Stronger Customer Relationships

When pricing a loan, LoanPricingPRO considers the customer’s existing loans, deposits, related businesses, and personal accounts to provide an overall assessment of the relationship’s ROE. Offer competitive loan packages by gaining a complete picture of the customer relationship with our user-friendly platform.

Infographic of a potential client being evaluated for RoE.

Gain Insights That Support Growth

LoanPricingPRO has easy-to-use reporting that can give you a strategic overview of your loan portfolio, answering critical questions such as:

  • Who are my top 10 most profitable customers?
  • What is the ROE of the commercial loan portfolio?
  • Does the CRE portfolio have a higher return than C&I loans?
  • Which lender has the highest ROE?
  • What are they doing differently?

Infographic comparing using guesswork vs profitability analysis with LoanPricingPRO

Profitability reporting allows leaders to drill down into lender, product, and customer profitability, revealing opportunities for portfolio profitability improvement. Lenders will know how their profitability contribution compares to institution totals. Lenders can also gain insight into their most profitable clients and their greatest opportunities to improve relationship profitability.

Experience Unmatched Implementation

Implementation steps:

  1. Welcome! We demo your new loan pricing tool.
  2. We walk you through preparing your core data feed.
  3. We build your custom pricing model! (Additional consulting is available if you need it)
  4. Once you review and sign off on the model, we train your team.
  5. Build stronger client relationships!

Our experienced professionals will configure the platform to match your institution’s business model and guide you through a profitability analysis of your existing lending products, helping to drive assumptions and targets to balance short-term growth and long-term profitability.

With LoanPricingPRO, Forvis Mazars can help enhance your profitability through data-informed decision making. It's how we manage risk and drive business forward; helping you move with momentum.

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