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CFO & Business Consulting

The role of the CFO has fundamentally changed, driven in part by digital innovation, evolving finance and accounting requirements, and increased drive toward optimization.
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Forward focused, bespoke finance, accounting, and digital solutions.

Modern CFO teams are driving incremental value through organizational change, process re-design efficiencies, analytics, and automation - all while the accounting landscape is rapidly changing with more complex transactions and multifaceted technical accounting issues. Forvis Mazars stands ready to help your company solve its most complex business problems through customized technology-enabled strategies, accelerating your business into the future.

How Forvis Mazars Can Help

Global Finance

Forvis Mazars’ global transformation approach is not just about disruption or technology. It’s about reimagining your finance organization to thoughtfully and rapidly adapt through process design, technology, and talent strategies. Our strategies help companies drive clarity and results.

  • CFO Target Operating Model (TOM) Design
  • TOM Roadmap Development and Execution Strategy
  • Shared service enablement
  • Benchmarking and Business Intelligence
  • Business Process Outsourcing

Performance & Process Improvement

Forvis Mazars advisors can help your organization reach its business goals. Our process-first approach aligns people, processes, and technology to your business strategies and vision. Forvis Mazars solutions bring together industry best practices around process improvement, robust data-driven insights, and industry leading technology to improve business processes, outcomes, and customer experiences.

  • Process and reporting maturity assessments
  • Rapid process re-engineering
  • Supply chain strategy
  • Accounting operations automation and improvement
  • Financial close optimization
  • Business performance improvement

Business Transformation

Forvis Mazars navigates dynamic business change to help position clients for future success. From legal entity restructurings and post-acquisition integrations to transforming your project management organization, Forvis Mazars is here to lead the way.

  • Strategic change program management
  • Business and operational transformation
  • Project management
  • Post-merger integration
  • Complex transaction change management

CFO Data & Analytics

Data is a valuable business asset that often goes untapped. At Forvis Mazars, our advisors use the latest digital technologies and industry best practices to realize the full potential of our clients’ data, enabling them to make smarter business decisions.

  • Data program and strategy
  • Data life cycle management
  • Data governance and policies
  • Data architecture and analytics
  • Data quality and controls
  • Financial reporting visualization
  • Business analytics implementation
  • Planning and forecasting digitalization

CFO Digital Technology

Modernizing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions and supporting finance technology is a CFO imperative. Forvis Mazars Advisors have in-depth experience driving value out of your current technology investment and strategically integrating new technology into your complex environment. From selecting a solution to planning for and implementing the right digital tools, we provide a dedicated team to help tackle the most complex digital challenges.

  • Finance technology strategy and vendor selection
  • Implementation strategy and program management
  • Organizational readiness
  • Business solution architecture
  • Requirements gathering and documentation
  • Chart of accounts harmonization
  • Testing strategy and execution

Accounting Advisory & Financial Reporting

Forvis Mazars accounting advisors support clients with their technical and financial reporting challenges. We support the CFO agenda with a broad range of accounting and reporting topics, including:

Complex Transactions: Transactions like business combinations, divestitures and carveouts are fraught with highly technical accounting challenges. Forvis Mazars Accounting Advisors has the in-depth experience, industry insights, and a complete suite of accelerators to help your organization successfully navigate these complex transactions.

SEC Reporting and Technical Accounting: Today’s business environment remains in a state of constant evolution driven by global markets, customer trends, digital disruption, and a high volume of M&A activity. This change has elevated the demand on SEC reporting and accounting policy teams as they keep pace with the vast array of accounting and reporting challenges. Forvis Mazars Accounting Advisory’s highly trained on-call technical accounting and reporting teams provide clients cost effective, flexible, and scalable accounting advisory solutions to help meet their evolving business needs.

Accounting Standard Implementation: The critical path to accounting standards implementation requires not only the technical knowledge of the old and new standards to effectuate the change but also a clear strategic plan to address process and technology impacts. Forvis Mazars Accounting Advisory has a suite of solutions, accelerators, and technology partners all designed to help organizations successfully implement new accounting standards in a cost-effective and frictionless way.

Climate Risk Disclosures: Regulatory and standard-setting bodies globally are focused on enhancing public company disclosures around the impact climate change has on companies. This includes efforts to drive improved standardization around climate risk-related disclosures made in financial reporting. Our accounting advisory professionals in collaboration with Forvis Mazars’ ESG practice have developed solutions to help organizations not only improve their overall climate risk management but also accelerators and technology partners strategically designed to help enable a more efficient and accurate reporting process.

Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPAC): A well-developed roadmap for successful IPO and SPAC transactions covers a broad set of key pre-transaction and post-transactions areas, including financial reporting, SEC registration, legal, governance, internal controls, operational processes, and technology. Forvis Mazars' advisory practice's IPO/SPAC playbooks, services, and accelerators will support your organization to successfully go-public and help in optimizing your public company post-transaction.

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