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340B: Education, Compliance, & Savings for Community Health Centers

February 20, 2024 Register Today
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Community Health Centers (CHCs) play a crucial role in providing affordable healthcare services to underserved populations. The 340B Drug Pricing Program is a valuable program that enables CHCs to stretch scarce resources and improve patient access to medications. However, the program is currently facing numerous challenges, including regulation changes, restrictions imposed by manufacturers, and complex compliance requirements. Navigating these challenges can be daunting for participating organizations.

Our in-depth, four-hour boot camp is designed to help equip CHCs with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the 340B Program. We’ll provide a detailed overview of the program, explain the pillars of compliance, and offer insights on Medicaid billing and HRSA audit preparation. Participants also will learn about internal oversight and controls, profitability tracking, 340B savings tools, contract pharmacy networks, and strategic approaches to helping leverage program benefits. In addition, we’ll explore advocacy efforts and provide an outlook on the future of the 340B Program.

A solid understanding of the 340B Program can help CHCs comply with program requirements, improve savings, and provide essential healthcare services to their communities.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:  
  • Describe the history, purpose, and key components of the 340B Program
  • Recognize CHC eligibility criteria for 340B Program participation
  • Identify the core compliance requirements for the 340B Program
  • Discuss key areas of focus for maintaining compliance, including patient definition; diversion prevention; and duplicate discounts
  • Explain the complexities of Medicaid billing within the 340B Program
  • Demonstrate strategies for preventing duplicate discounts and improving accurate billing and reimbursement
  • Describe the HRSA audit process
  • Explain the importance of internal oversight and controls in managing the 340B Program
  • Demonstrate how to implement effective policies and procedures to help enhance compliance and prevent diversion
  • Identify methods for tracking and analyzing 340B Program profitability
  • Describe how to improve savings and leverage program benefits for CHCs
  • Identify tools and resources available to CHCs for helping track and improve 340B savings
  • Define the role of contract pharmacy networks in the 340B Program
  • Recall strategies for helping establish and manage successful contract pharmacy partnerships
  • Identify methods for helping improve program performance and achieve organizational goals
  • Describe the current 340B Program landscape and its challenges
  • Explain advocacy efforts to support the 340B Program and describe its potential direction


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Contact Information 
Individual registration is required for each attendee. Group viewing is not permitted. Group discounts are available. If you have concerns or would like information regarding program cancellation policies, contact Cheryl Cooper at

Registration Fee: 
  • $450 
  • Group discount: 10% off for groups of 3 to 7 attendees. If registering more than 8 people, please email Cheryl Cooper at to receive a discount code. Please note that individual registration is required, and group viewing is not permitted.


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