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Healthcare Strategy & Finance

Find leading-edge guidance for the most complex strategic and financial challenges in healthcare.
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Of strategic plans fail so engaging the right strategist can help reduce that risk*


Of healthcare executives need more value-based care integration, making this critical to your strategic decision making**

Rising Bond Defaults

Is one primary reason hospitals close their doors. Make informed decisions backed by accurate data***

Reach your goals in an ever-evolving industry.

As a healthcare leader, you are part of a dynamic, fast-changing market—navigating a changing regulatory, payment, and care delivery environment.

You need to deliver quality care for your patients, invest in services that drive revenue, and address staffing issues while meeting the specific needs of your community.

Our extensive experience in the full continuum of care is backed by a sophisticated and reliable approach. We help guide your financial and strategic plans with tangible steps to mitigate the complex decisions you face. We’ll offer innovative strategies that help accelerate your journey to more outcome-driven, value-based payment models.

Our Unmatched Client Experience® means you’ll have trusted and passionate advisors who will work together with you to respond quickly and consult with purpose.

Value-Based & Managed Care Contracting

At the center of every healthcare model is the patient. Healthcare organizations strive to provide better and more streamlined levels of care by engaging in value-based models and contracting with payors based on the value they add.

Forvis Mazars helps you achieve your full potential by unlocking value, efficiency, and quality while overcoming the challenges that stand between the current and future state of your organization.

Our seasoned professionals will work alongside you to build relationships between physicians and payors, assist in transitioning to value-based care models, and provide actionable insights for your healthcare organization to promote excellence and drive financial improvement.

We can help guide you through:

  • ACO, Medicare Shared Savings Plan, & Total Cost of Care
  • Clinical Operations
  • Episodes of Care
  • Managed Care Contracting
  • Price Transparency
  • Rate Benchmarking
  • Strategic Pricing

Financial Reporting & Modeling

When embarking on opportunities for new revenue streams, exploring start-ups, or expanding your influence of care---it's crucial to make decisions backed by accurate and forward-looking data.

To help you make informed and rapid decisions, we provide in-depth market analysis to indicate future demand for existing and planned services.

Our professionals provide sophisticated and reliable financial modeling services that can help you tackle financial decisions head-on, so you can invest in the future and focus on providing value-based and efficient care to your community.

  • Prospective Reporting & Feasibility Studies – Plan for and finance your future by analyzing the demand for your current and upcoming services.
  • Financial System Enhancement – If a system change is the way forward, we work with you side-by-side to help with decision making and implementation.
  • Dynamic Financial Modeling – We’ll work with you to prepare financial plans to simplify your decision-making process during strategic planning.
  • Debt Covenant Management – Providing assistance for bond and loan covenant compliance, income available for debt service ratio, financial improvement, and consultant’s report.
  • Research & Consulting – We examine the competitive and regulatory landscape and calculate penetration rates to show the demand for your proposed services.

Strategy & Network Development

Healthcare leaders are tasked with growing their organizations, serving their patients and communities, and aligning themselves with stakeholders across the care delivery system.

We have helped healthcare providers nationwide implement their long-term goals. We have found that the key to achieving success—while maintaining financial sustainability—is a strong strategic vision that can see through the evolving nature of our industry.

In any strategic plan, collaboration is the key to success, which is why we prioritize collaboration in every engagement. We work alongside stakeholders at every level of your organization from providers, clinicians, and administrators so that when it comes time to make strategic changes, the transformation goes smoothly.

From innovative targeted payment model approaches and grounded change strategies to broad enterprise planning, affiliations, and decision-making, we empower clients to envision their own unique opportunities, drive sustainable results, and enact lasting change.

  • Strategic Planning – Forvis Mazars helps facilitate the strategic planning process by coordinating stakeholder participation at all levels while guiding the transformational thinking required in today’s healthcare environment.
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Affiliations, & Partnerships – We help you evaluate your network design and service line strategy to effectively grow and compete in the changing healthcare landscape and improve your overall performance.
  • Clinically Integrated Network & Physician Alignment – Forvis Mazars’ Physician Alignment services can help your organization achieve its full potential by unlocking value, efficiency, and quality.
  • Organizational Change – Clari3ty®, integrates surveys, research-based analytics, and interpretation to help take the guesswork out of developing the change management plans that accompany your organization’s most critical strategies.
  • Strategy Execution & Deployment – We help provide the focus, discipline, and infrastructure needed to execute strategy successfully.
  • Operating Model Development – Our approach to operating model design and deployment assesses pain points to help your organization bolster its leadership and performance against its strategic plans.

Market Assessment & Research

Our Forvis Mazars team brings the agility required to help you pursue expansion at pace while overcoming the obstacles that stand between your current and future states.

Expanding an organization—whether building a new facility or adding a new service line—requires data to support your strategic vision.

We have extensive experience working with providers across the healthcare continuum to help them understand market dynamics related to volume, utilization, occupancy, providers, and physicians to help you identify the demand for services or secure financing for your project.

Our assessment and research team puts the needs of your health facility and those of your communities above all else. Our nimble, responsive, high-touch service engagement teams focus on helping drive your business forward and move with momentum.

Our assessment and research teams can provide the following services:

  • Certificate of Need & Demand Analysis
  • Community Health Needs Assessment
  • Industry Research
  • Market Assessment
  • Service Line Assessment

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*Source: Why 67 Percent of Strategic Plans Fail

**Source: Forvis Mazars MINDSETS 2021

***"The Financial Stability of America’s Hospitals and Health Systems Is at Risk as the Costs of Caring Continue to Rise,”, April 2023

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