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Improve your business performance with Salesforce.

Business Technology Solutions at Forvis Mazars provides customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning platform analysis, design, implementation, upgrade, training, and support services. As a Salesforce consulting partner, our experienced team of technology consultants can help you strengthen your CRM strategy, enhance business workflows, and advance your organization’s digital transformation journey.

Whatever your industry, Salesforce has innovative features that can help you modernize your business, save time, and drive revenue growth. Over 150,000 companies*, across numerous industries, use Salesforce to help improve business performance. From manufacturing and construction to healthcare and more, the benefits of implementing a modern CRM system are vast.

Explore Salesforce CRM tools and how we can help you unlock business potential with Salesforce.

We’ve seen increased prospect activity and engagement, which has helped improve our marketing and sales metrics. Kevin was incredibly helpful while we built marketing content and campaigns in this new platform.”
– Desiree Henry, Creative Services Director | AKBA

Explore Our Salesforce Services

Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud includes a robust set of features to help you sell efficiently, capture key insights through AI-powered analytics, and streamline processes with automation.

Whether you’re looking to implement Sales Cloud or currently only using it as a digital contact management tool, let Forvis Mazars help you advance its use. Our team of Salesforce business analysts and developers can customize the platform to better fit your organization’s needs and goals. From lead and activity management to opportunity and pipeline management, we can help you connect activities and engagements to increased sales opportunities and shortened deal cycles.

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Service Cloud

Revitalize your approach to customer experience with Salesforce Service Cloud.

If your business is looking to reshape the way it interacts with customers, Service Cloud may be the solution. Service Cloud can bring together multiple systems to streamline processes and create a consistent customer experience.

Let Forvis Mazars help you create positive customer experiences and drive efficiencies and collaboration across your organization with Service Cloud. From process enhancements and automation to AI-powered self-service support and case management, we can help you centralize customer information and resolve cases faster.

Marketing Cloud & Account Engagement

Improve marketing efficiency and customer engagement with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Account Engagement (formerly Pardot).

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, harnessing the capabilities of cutting-edge marketing automation is not just advantageous but imperative. Forvis Mazars can help you use Marketing Cloud to build, manage, and enhance personalized customer journeys. From automated email campaigns and account-based marketing to personalization and customer intelligence, we can help you drive marketing productivity, enhance customer engagement, and align sales and marketing strategies.

By automating processes, enabling omnichannel interactions, and delivering personalized experiences, you can skillfully navigate the evolving landscape of customer-centricity.

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Experience Cloud

Elevate customer experiences with Salesforce Experience Cloud.

Prioritizing customer experience is pivotal. Experience Cloud can help you connect your customer’s journey by breaking down information silos and connecting systems. Let Forvis Mazars help you unify disparate datasets and platforms to create a seamless digital experience for your customers.

With Experience Cloud, you can build secure websites, portals, and apps with Salesforce’s low-code web tools—or, let Forvis Mazars do it for you. We can help you create CRM-powered sites, intuitive portals, and user-friendly apps that put customer needs front and center.

Health Cloud

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Salesforce Health Cloud can help improve outcomes and lower costs for healthcare and life sciences companies.

Health Cloud can help you securely connect patient and provider information from multiple sources to help reduce duplicate data entry for both your patients and team members. A unified data source can help you deliver personalized and equitable care effectively.

With deep knowledge of the healthcare industry, Forvis Mazars can help you advance data management while following regulatory requirements. We also can help you automate processes and drive cross-team collaboration with Health Cloud to streamline workflows and increase productivity.

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Nonprofit Cloud

We understand that running a nonprofit organization isn’t an easy task. Often, there are resource and budget constraints that some for-profit organizations may not encounter. With deep experience working with nonprofit organizations worldwide, our team at Forvis Mazars has the skills to be your Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud guide.

We can help you use Nonprofit Cloud to scale fundraising and marketing campaigns and streamline program management and administrative processes. Enable Nonprofit Cloud AI features to help personalize communications and nurture relationships. Moreover, leverage the technology to help you take control of your data and manage income streams, inbound grants, and programs all in one place.

Explore how Nonprofit Cloud can help you create efficiencies, connect with stakeholders, and drive results.

Salesforce Consulting Partner Services

Whether you already have the Salesforce platform in place or are just getting started, Forvis Mazars can be your trusted Salesforce consulting partner and meet you wherever you are on your CRM journey.

Forvis Mazars is a certified Salesforce partner. Our Salesforce technology consultants have decades of experience helping organizations review technology platforms, design systems to streamline processes, and achieve their goals through digital transformation.

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We provide:

  • Technology Assessments
  • Implementation Services
  • Integration Services
  • Salesforce Release & Upgrade Support Services
  • Salesforce Admin & User Training & Support Services

Our dedicated Salesforce support team can help you manage:

  • Everyday Salesforce Challenges
  • Troubleshooting Errors
  • System Diagnostics
  • Upgrades, Enhancements, & New Releases
  • User Adoption Hurdles

Start your digital transformation today. Discover how we can help you review, implement, and modernize CRM software.

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