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Accounting Software for Nonprofits – Part One – Popular Accounting Software

See popular accounting software platforms' features, benefits, and considerations.
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For nonprofit organizations, choosing the right accounting system is crucial to manage finances effectively and maintain stakeholder transparency. Today's market offers many robust accounting solutions, each with unique features. While this article does not contain an exhaustive list of accounting software available for nonprofits, it provides insight into some of the most frequently used platforms. This article will explore a few of the most popular and widely used systems and give an overview of their features.

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is known for its advanced financial management capabilities, reporting, and high degree of customization. It provides real-time financial and operational insights and strong integration with other systems, making it suitable for nonprofits with complex accounting requirements. While offering extensive functionalities, Sage Intacct' s advanced nature might require a steeper learning curve and a higher investment of resources, positioning it as a fit for midsize to large organizations.


  • Advanced financial management with deep customization
  • Strong integration capabilities with other business systems
  • Real-time operational and financial insights
  • Cloud-based with remote access capabilities


  • Customizable to fit specific nonprofit processes and reporting requirements
  • Comprehensive financial management tools support complex needs
  • Integrations help streamline operations and improve data accuracy
  • Multi-entity enabled system allowing for native consolidated reporting


  • Can have a steeper learning curve due to its advanced features
  • Implementation may require specialized consulting services

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite is a comprehensive, cloud-based software solution designed for complex organizations. It offers an integrated suite of financial management, customer relationship management (CRM), and e-commerce applications. Known for its scalability and real-time operational visibility, NetSuite is ideal for growing nonprofits seeking an all-in-one platform. However, its sophistication might require dedicated training and investment, making it more suitable for larger nonprofits.


  • Offers various functionalities, including financial management, CRM, and e-commerce integration
  • Provides real-time data and analytics for informed decision making
  • Scalable cloud-based platform with extensive customization options
  • Cloud-based with remote access capabilities


  • Integrated suite reduces the need for multiple software solutions
  • Real-time insights aid strategic decision-making
  • Scalability supports organizational growth


  • Complexity and breadth of features may require significant training
  • Extensive customization might require additional IT resources for both implementation and ongoing maintenance

Blackbaud Financial Edge

Blackbaud Financial Edge is a specialized accounting software tailored for the nonprofit sector. It features robust fund accounting, grant management, and advanced reporting tools. The user-friendly system is designed to handle nonprofits’ unique financial management needs. While offering strong reporting capabilities, its cost and potential limitations in integration with non-Blackbaud systems make it suitable for specific organizations with more robust grant management needs and internal database management resources.


  • Tailored fund accounting, grant management, and reporting tools
  • User-friendly interface with solid reporting capabilities
  • Specific modules for nonprofit financial management


  • Designed specifically for the unique needs of nonprofits
  • Enhanced reporting features support compliance and transparency
  • Intuitive design facilitates ease of use


  • Integration with non-Blackbaud systems can be limited
  • Additional modules may be required for full functionality
  • Limited cloud-based capabilities

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is a popular, cost-effective accounting solution widely used by small to midsize nonprofits. It offers essential accounting functionalities with cloud-based access and integration with various business applications. Its user-friendly interface and affordability make it an accessible choice for smaller organizations staffed by non-accountants. However, it may lack some of the advanced features required for more complex nonprofit accounting needs.


  • General accounting functionalities suitable for small to midsize nonprofits
  • Cloud-based with remote access capabilities
  • Integration with various business applications


  • Affordable and widely used, making it a familiar choice for many
  • User-friendly interface requires minimal training
  • Flexibility through third-party application integrations


  • Basic functionality may not meet complex nonprofit accounting needs
  • Customization and reporting capabilities are more limited
  • Limited controls in terms of approvals and accounting period closing
  • May require additional tools or add-ons for specialized nonprofit functions
  • Lacks fund accounting features and dimension tracking

While the listing is not comprehensive, it includes the most widely used systems and outlines the attributes necessary to consider when evaluating an organization's accounting software needs. With the current trend of remote and hybrid work, fully cloud-based solutions have become the industry's preferred option and overall standard. Nonprofits are looking to select a system that allows for their current but also anticipated needs during the next phase of the company's life cycle. We will examine the factors to assess and prepare for implementation in part two of this article series.

Accounting software assessments and conversions can be daunting, but Forvis Mazars is here to assist, providing the tools and resources needed to help prepare your organization for future success. If you have any questions or need assistance, reach out to one of our professionals.

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