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A Minute With Jennifer & Ryan – SOC & HITRUST Considerations in the New Year

For a fresh start, consider if you’re receiving the most value from your SOC and HITRUST provider.
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The new year allows a fresh start for your compliance journey. If you currently receive a SOC examination, there may be room for improvement. As you prepare for the next audit cycle, ask yourself: Are you getting the most out of your SOC and/or HITRUST service provider? Consider five key questions:

  1. Are they responsive?
  2. Do they engage and bring forth valuable experience on the challenges you face?
  3. Are they keeping you up to date on the latest compliance trends and control requirements?
  4. Was your report or certification issued timely?
  5. Did they force a questionable scope increase, and do you want a second opinion?

Forvis Mazars has a dedicated, experienced SOC & HITRUST practice that has been issuing these types of reports since its inception. Please contact our professionals at Forvis Mazars for more information.

Jennifer Jones Headshot
Jennifer Jones
National Practice Leader
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Ryan Boggs

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