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Salesforce List Views 101

In this video, see how Salesforce list views can filter data into helpful, relevant subsets to transform CRM data.
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As Salesforce administrators and users know well, the platform can store vast data on leads, accounts, contacts, and more. Yet, without effective tools to showcase relevant subsets, useful information can be missed. Your Salesforce data can and should be transformed into actionable insight. Enter: Salesforce list views. List views can help you slice and dice data to pinpoint what you need to help drive decisions.

What Are Salesforce List Views?

Salesforce list views are a powerful tool for you and your users. Salesforce provides many out-of-the-box list views. See the default list views and filters for commonly used objects here.

In addition, you and your users can create custom list views to suit your business needs. You can display up to 15 fields of your choice on a list view, and the fields can be changed and rearranged as needed.

List views provide the tools to sort, prioritize, and manage records. Instead of scrolling through a haystack of data, you can find the metaphorical needle—actionable insight—by filtering object tables specific to your needs.

For example, you can easily construct custom list views such as:

  • Recent healthcare leads from Tradeshow A
  • High-value New York accounts with renewal opportunities
  • Contacts using Product Z interested in upsells

The use cases and possibilities are extensive, and the benefits add up quickly.

Key Benefits

More Effective Data Analysis

Charts, sorting, filtering, and more built into list views allow for deeper analysis to uncover trends and opportunities.

Improved Team Productivity

Tools like bulk actions on records, customizable views to streamline workflows, and easy sharing of filtered lists with colleagues can help drive productivity.

Greater Customization & Relevance

Salesforce users can create personalized list views with column selections, ordering preferences, and filters that yield tailored subsets of data.

How to Unlock the Power of Salesforce List Views

Navigate to the object tab containing the data you wish to filter: Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, etc.

CRM List Views

Then, you can:

  1. Select a list view from the dropdown menu. Pin a list by selecting the pin icon to set it as your default.
  2. Edit, delete, or create a list view using the List View Controls menu.
  3. Create new records directly from a list view.
  4. View a list in different ways. Visualize list view data using charts and refine which records are displayed using filters.
  5. Depending on the object, you can switch between the standard table view, Kanban view, tile view, and split view.
  6. Search a list view for the data you need.

With list views, you can leverage these tools to:

  • Display helpful information
  • Filter to narrow the criteria
  • Sort on columns
  • Create charts to visualize the data
  • Take bulk actions like updating records

The filtered results update dynamically as your Salesforce data is updated.

List views provide immense yet user-friendly power to cut through your haystack of data. The customization and flexibility can unlock actionable insights to help enhance workflows and decision making.

Begin unleashing more from your Salesforce data through tailored list views today, and never again let unstructured information blur your vision of targeted opportunities for business growth.

How Forvis Mazars Can Help

The Business Technology Solutions team at Forvis Mazars is a Salesforce partner with certified experience. Connect with us to learn more about our Salesforce and CRM platform analysis, design, implementation, upgrade, training, and support services.

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