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2024 Annual Higher Education Outlook

Schools today are feeling confident, seeing reality, and many are making progress. Download your complimentary copy of the 2024 Annual Higher Education Outlook for valuable insights to help you develop effective strategies and tactics for moving forward.
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The higher education industry is coming off a series of unprecedented years that included elements of uncertainty and surprise. Most adjusted. Everyone did the best they could in their own unique circumstances. Many were creative; some were daring and positive about the future.

But where are we now? What is happening in the industry to get back to a path of growth and stability? We hoped to find some answers to questions raised by this unique time in the history of higher education.

Download your copy of Forvis Mazars' 2024 Annual Higher Education Outlook to use as a resource as you look forward with confidence and have a sense of positive momentum for the months and years ahead.

WEBINAR / For a deeper dive into the Outlook, watch the webinar archive with author Nick Wallace and contributor Rachel Pauletti.


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