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Construction workers looking over blueprints on a building rooftop.

Economy Insights & Advice for Contractors

This video explores valuable construction industry insights on the economy, labor force, industry trends, and more. Watch now. 
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Our team sat down with Forvis Mazars’ Mike Trammell, construction and real estate consulting leader, to discuss the current economic landscape for the industry. Mike is passionate about helping construction companies be better tomorrow than they are today.

We at Forvis Mazars have a deep bench of people who work every day in the construction space … We can bring subject matter expertise to the table, not in lieu of what you as a contractor have, but to support you and give you a different perspective, to help you think differently about things that you have done a million times, but you can maybe do it a bit better the next time around. Some of that looks backwards, but some of it is very forward-looking as well. So let us help you look over the horizon. Let us tell you what is happening, let us hear what you’re thinking, and let’s put those thoughts together.”

Watch the full 5-minute video above to gain valuable insights on the economy, labor force, industry trends, and more!

If you have any questions about this video content, please contact Mike Trammell.

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