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Telecom Accounting Challenges & Strategies

The telecom industry faces unique hurdles when accounting and producing financials for investments, PP&E, grants, revenue recognition, and leases. 
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The telecom industry faces unique hurdles when considering accounting and producing financials. This article addresses the areas of accounting for investments; challenges around property, plant, and equipment (PP&E); accounting for grants received; and revenue recognition.

Forvis Mazars could help automate lease entries for companies with 100 leases or fewer.

The telecom industry has the potential for increased growth for the foreseeable future as internet access is increasingly vital in today’s economy. Companies must remain vigilant to comply with accounting standards. In addition, do not hesitate to raise questions in your accounting department. For more on accounting challenges and strategies in the telecommunications industry, view our webinar recording on the topic or reach out to a professional at Forvis Mazars through our Contact Us form.

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